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Welcome to Chiropractie Den Haag-The Hague’s first choice! Our goal at Chiropractie Den Haag is to help you learn more about this powerful approach to better health.

We welcome you to browse our site and learn why having a healthy spine equals a healthier body. Chiropractie Den Haag is proud to provide a state-of-the-art family friendly facility and some of the highest quality chiropractic care available. Our modern office offers the latest American technology, diagnostic equipment, and chiropractic techniques.

People who have discovered chiropractic often lead a healthier, happier, more active life. We invite you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss how you and your entire family can benefit from chiropractic care.

We hope you enjoy the website and find it informative. Please share it with others. Again, thank you for visiting.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care ofthe human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease

- Thomas A Edison


1. Intake

Our initial consultation last around 30-45 minutes. We allow this amount of time to really understand exactly what your problem is and how it affects your daily life.

After reviewing your intake form, we conduct a Chiropractic exam and computerized scan to find the areas of dysfunction. With this information we take the time to explain in detail what we have found and how we may be able to help. We are committed to getting you the help that you need!

If we believe we can help, your care usually consists of three phases: Relief, Stabilization, Maintenance phases of cares

2. Relief

Most of our clients start care because of a discomfort or pain that stops them living their life to the fullest...

The first goal? Relief and thats our first objective. After a thorough consultation and examination to really understand your concerns and identify areas of spinal dysfunction we offer you a care plan designed to give you the best result in the shortest amount of time.

The care plan is always tailor made to your needs. New problems can often be helped quickly but problems with an underlying cause that have been longstanding often requires more frequent visits. Each visit builds on the last and keeping your appointment schedule is key to getting the results that you want.

3. Stabilization

When you are feeling better we usually see you less frequently and progress is less dramatic. It is important to allow the muscles and ligaments time to adjust to the proper position fully.

We work closely with specialized Physiotherapist to strengthen the stabilizing muscles to prevent relapses and continue to improve your body’s function.

Whatever your choice is, we are here to help you with every step of your way to get the best results!

4. Maintenance care

After finishing the stabilization phase, expect long-lasting results. Nevertheless, the demands of the modern lifestyle like...

computers, texting, increased mental stress, lack of sleep, heavier workloads can have negative implications on our bodies. Therefore, most of our clients choose for periodic check ups to keep their body and nervous system functioning at its best.

Therefore, most of our clients choose for periodic check ups to keep their body and nervous system functioning at its best.

What is Chiropractic?

The meaning of Chiropractic has Greek orgins and loosely translates as "done by hand." Chiro- "hand" + praktikos "practical/practice,".

Chiropractic utilizes the self-healing powers of the body and the relationship between structures and the functions of the body, particularly of the spinal column and the nervous system, in the restoration and maintenance of health.

Vertebral subluxations (nerve blockages) are tiny misalignment or fixations of the spinal bones or pelvis resulting in decreased function or pressure on the spinal nerves. This can cause pain, numbness, tingling, spasm, decreased range of motion, and decreased function to the to effected organs.

During the last one hundred years, Chiropractic science has grown to major stature among the healing arts, reaching millions of people. It is one of the fastest growing health professions in the world and is well established in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada, where it has helped millions of people with a variety of conditions. Chiropractic is very common among professional athletes and Olympians around the world to increases performance and decrease healing time as well as prevent future injuries.


What people say about us

Hi Matthew, Found you again. I am one of your customers from the time you worked in Hellevoetsluis. I walk in as an old man and after your treatment walk out almost straight again. I have some back problems now, so soon I'll make an appointment with you as you are my hero, can't wait ;) Keep up the good work, hope to see you soon!


A.C. de Vries
Just the welcoming feeling and the good energy of the place was nearly enough to make me feel better. Don and George provided me the highest quality of care and helped me so much with my lower back. Thanks Dudes, Love you guys.


Ariele-Paolo Maesano
Beste Matthew, Ik kwam voor mijn onderrug en vertelde van mijn schouder die ik gebroken heb gehad. Ik kon mijn arm maar half optillen, al na 1 behandeling kon ik hem verder omhoog tillen. Gaat nog elke week beter en mijn rug is weer helemaal goed. Bedankt! Ruud R.


Ruud R
Den Haag
Beste Matthew, Vanwege hevige hielspoorproblemen bij je gekomen. Ik stond op het punt naar Rome te gaan, maar zag op tegen al het lopen aldaar. Je begon met de eerste behandeling waarmee ik als een kievit door Rome kon lopen. De pijn in mijn voeten is bijna weg. We moeten nog enkele behandelingen ondergaan maar ik zie deze met vertrouwen tegemoet. Ton Z.


Ton Z
Den Haag
Beste Matthew, Ik geloof mijn ogen niet! Wat jij in 20 minuten voor elkaar hebt gekregen is onmogelijk! Vijf weken heb ik met een gevoelig lichaam gelopen. Klachten aan mijn nek, rug, armen en benen. Jij hebt mij nu zoveel ruimte gegeven en vele klachten zijn verleden tijd. Ik ben er nog niet maar het hulp en begeleiding van jouw gaat het goed komen. Matthew bedankt! Monieke van H.


Moniek van H
Vandaag voor de vijfde behandeling geweest voor mijn duimgewrichten en ik kan nu weer gewoon tennissen zonder pijn te hebben. Nu anderhalf jaar geleden zei de fysiotherapeut dat er niets meer aan gedaan kon worden en dat het artrose zou zijn. Was hier toevallig met mijn dochter en vroeg of hij misschien iets wist wat helpen. Nu vijf behandelingen later ben ik pijn vrij en weer heerlijk met mijn sport bezig. Matthew bedankt! Maria S.


Maria S
Den Haag

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