Our Team

Chiropractor, Founder

Dr. Matthew Schaer

Dr. Matthew Schaer was born and raised in sunny Southern California. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). After experiencing debilitating migraines and sever pain, Matthew found recovery and wellness through the power of Chiropractic.

Matthew was so awestruck and moved by his experience that he found his calling and was compelled to become a Chiropractor himself graduating from Cleveland School of Chiropractic, USA. For nearly the last decade, Matthew has had the pleasure and joy of helping his clients and community return to a happier, healthier life through lifestyle coaching and Chiropractic offering drugless solutions to their health.

Matthew works and lives by a straightforward philosophy: “Eat better, think better, move better, and you will feel better”. After initially practicing in Southern California, he moved on to practice and share his message globally in Germany and later finally settling in The Netherlands in 2010 where he founded and operates three successful practices.

Matthew is a consummate Wellness Champion with dual Doctorate degrees in both Chiropractic and Botanical Medicine. Matthew’s passion is to inspire and deliver nurturing care to the community and is committed to providing not only relief for many symptoms and conditions but advanced spinal corrective procedures for enhanced quality of life and complete wellness.

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Dr. Rudy

Dr. Rudy was born and raised in the northern part of Italy and knew nothing about Chiropractic care until he was sixteen yrs old. At 16 he had a soccer accident and suffered from a severe back injury. Dr. Rudy was in constant pain and tried everything to get rid of the pain. He tried conventional medicines as well as physiotherapy but it all didn't work out for him. He then tried Chiropractic care which made a huge improvement to not only his back, but to his whole body.

Dr. Rudy became so impressed with the results and the Chiropractic philosophy that, after all his other studies (sport, science and wellness), he continued to study Chiropractic Healthcare in Barcelona. He even graduated from the university with a double degree! Besides Dr. Rudy's passion for Chiropractic, he has also a passion for (beach) volleyball so whenever the weather is nice, you'll find him at the beach.

Our new Chiropractor is multilingual and speaks Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalonian, French and English. Since Dr. Rudy only just arrived in The Netherlands, his Dutch is limited but knowing him and knowing about his ability to pick up languages, it will just be a matter of time before he speaks Dutch.

The motto of Dr. Rudy is: Mens sana in corpore sano (Healthy mind in a healthy body) and he feels that Chiropractic is the key to follow up his motto. He hopes to see you soon.

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Dr. Albert

Albert Ducaj was born and raised in Finland. After completing his military service in the snowy landscapes of his home country, he met a chiropractor, got adjusted and that adjustment changed his life. He was not aware that the constant wear, tear and stress from his military service had gradually led to a reduction in the motion of his spine and to a reduction in the function of his nervous system.

Through chiropractic he noticed an improvement in mood, energy levels and motion which inspired him to become a chiropractor himself. After completing his 5 year studies at the Barcelona Collage of Chiropractic, he worked in Finland. He loves learning new things, which is why he speaks six languages. Speaking fluent Spanish, English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and a little bit of Albanian he is looking to add Dutch to his repertoire. He is dedicated to the art of the chiropractic adjustment. That is why he is always looking for the best way to serve and help his people, so that they can heal and function at their very best.

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