Our Team

Dr. Matthew Schaer

Dr. Matthew Schaer was born and raised in sunny Southern California. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). After experiencing debilitating migraines and sever pain, Matthew found recovery and wellness through the power of Chiropractic. Matthew was so awestruck and moved by his experience that he found his calling and was compelled to become a Chiropractor himself graduating from Cleveland School of Chiropractic, USA. For nearly the last decade, Matthew has had the pleasure and joy of helping his clients and community return to a happier, healthier life through lifestyle coaching and Chiropractic offering drugless solutions to their health.

Matthew works and lives by a straightforward philosophy: “Eat better, think better, move better, and you will feel better”. After initially practicing in Southern California, he moved on to practice and share his message globally in Germany and later finally settling in The Netherlands in 2010 where he founded and operates three successful practices.

Matthew is a consummate Wellness Champion with dual Doctorate degrees in both Chiropractic and Botanical Medicine. Matthew’s passion is to inspire and deliver nurturing care to the community and is committed to providing not only relief for many symptoms and conditions but advanced spinal corrective procedures for enhanced quality of life and complete wellness.

George Ellis, Chiro

George Ellis grew up in New Zealand where, like most New Zealanders was heavilly involved in the outdoors and sports. There he enjoyed white water kayaking, snow skiing, water skiing, diving, free diving, fishing, hiking, rugby, canoe polo, surfing and pretty much anything that has to do with connecting man to nature.

When he was 14 he paddled off a 8 meter waterfall and immediately felt that something in my lower back wasn’t quite right. “I then did what most people do and ignored it until it was so bad I had to stop all my sports and even school. After several months of trying everything I could think of and being very frustrated about all the things I couldn’t do any more my friend suggested I see his Chiropractor. I was skeptical but I was desperate so I tried it. . I was so astonished with the results and getting my life back I knew from then on what I wanted to become, a Chiropractor! I understand first-hand what it is like when your health stops you from doing what you love and made it my mission to help others without drugs and without surgery.

Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose graduated from Life University in 1997 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Carey brings many lifetimes of experience to our practice having nine Chiropractors in his immediate family and being a third generation Chiropractor himself.

Dr. Carey has practiced in the Baltimore, MD area as well as founding and operating two very successful Chiropractic practices in Panama. Dr. Carey served as the official Chiropractor for the HBO series The Wire, and worked with many professional baseball team players from the Baltimore Orioles and American football team players from the Baltimore Ravens. In addition, he has been awarded best Chiropractor in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Carey publishes Doctor and Patient educational materials for Chiropractors, is a sought after guest lecturer at many Chiropractic events, produces a weekly Podcast (Sigtalks) focusing on Chiropractic Philosophy and is the owner and operator of Sigafoose.com.

To have him here with us is an absolute asset to our Team as well as Chiropractic in Europe!

Dr. Joseph James Coletta

Joseph was born and raised in Southern California, U.S.A. His first experience with chiropractic began when he was a child playing hockey and suffering multiple back injuries. Treatment from his local chiropractor allowed Joseph to remain active in sports throughout his childhood and his young adult life. As an adult, Joseph worked as an ambulance paramedic where he specialized in emergency medicine. Joseph's experience included life saving interventions using western medicine and holistic alternatives. His concerning nature toward patients in emergency situations allowed patients to feel at ease with him under stressful circumstances. As an ambulance paramedic, intense patient care and transportation caused frequent back pains for him. Joseph supplemented chiropractic care with pain medications to alleviate the pain, but he realized the medicine was only treating the pain and not it's cause. It was then that Joseph decided to leave his job as an ambulance paramedic and become a chiropractor. Joseph graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences with his doctorate in chiropractic specializing in herbal supplements, nutrition, MRT, Graston and muscle stretching techniques. He moved to The Netherlands to provide meaningful and holistic patient care for those who seek wellness and relief from pain. In his time off, Joseph enjoys cooking, reading medical journals, studying history and spending time with his wife and pet rabbit.

Steven Douglas, M. Chiro.

Steven Douglas was born and raised in The Netherlands where he attended the British School in the Netherlands (BSN). He then moved to the United Kingdom to study Chiropractic at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC). After 4 years of dedicated study he completed his masters and was awarded the title of Master of Chiropractic.
Since graduating he has returned to his roots in The Netherlands where he wishes to deliver vitalistic care to the community. Steven provides spinal corrective care with a specific focus on the nervous system. His personal interests include sports such as football, running, swimming and squash and has some experience in treating sports related injuries. Steven is a member of the Dutch Chiropractic Federation (DCF), Stichting National Register van Chiropractoren (SNRC) and the International Chiropractic Association (ICA).