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Treatment plan

Everyone has different symptoms that's why we offer personalized treatment plans depending on your needs. Our specialists are here to guide you.

1. Intake

Our initial consultation lasts around 40 minutes. We allow this amount of time to really understand exactly what your concerns are and how it affects your daily life.

After reviewing your intake form, we conduct a Chiropractic exam to find the areas of dysfunction. With this information we take the time to explain in detail what we have found and how we may be able to help. We are committed to getting you the help that you need!

If we believe we can help, your care usually consists of three phases: Relief, Stabilization, Maintenance phases of cares

2. Relief

All of our clients start care because of a discomfort or pain that stops them living their life to the fullest. The adjustment schedule is therefore more frequent in the beginning.

The first goal? Relief and thats our first objective. After a thorough consultation and examination to really understand your concerns and identify areas of spinal dysfunction.

The care plan is always tailor made to your needs. New problems can often be helped quickly but problems with an underlying cause that have been longstanding often requires more frequent visits. Each visit builds on the last and keeping your appointment schedule is key to getting the results that you want.

3. Stabilization

When you are feeling better we usually see you less frequently. It is important to allow the muscles and ligaments time to adjust to the proper position. Some home exercises may be added for more stabilization.

We work closely with specialized Physiotherapist to strengthen the stabilizing muscles to prevent relapses and continue to improve your body’s function.

Whatever your choice is, we are here to help you with every step of your way to get the best results!

4. Maintenance care

After finishing the stabilization phase, expect long-lasting results. Nevertheless, the demands of the modern lifestyle can be huge for you body and mind. We therefore advise you to follow up on your initial care regularly to maintain your best health.

computers, texting, increased mental stress, lack of sleep, heavier workloads can have negative implications on our bodies. Therefore, most of our clients choose for periodic check ups to keep their body and nervous system functioning at its best.

Therefore, most of our clients choose for periodic check ups to keep their body and nervous system functioning at its best.

First time visiting us?

We request that you complete the intake form in advance as completely as possible. Bring it with you on your first visit to Chiropractie Den Haag. It is necessary for the health scan that we perform on your first visit. Following this intake form, your complaints will be discussed and your medical history will be looked at.

Download and print the form. Fill in the form and take it with you on your first visit.

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More information about chiropractic


Over the past hundred years, Chiropractic has grown into a globally accepted medicine with millions of satisfied clients. It is not without reason the fastest growing medical profession in the world.

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What is chiropractic?

After adjustments, our clients often report a remarkable increase in their ability to move their neck and back. Even though your muscles may remain sore or tight, the range of motion in your spine is vastly improved and decreased pain will fallow.

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What can we do for you?

Stretching muscles and ligaments improves blood circulation and quickly activates your nerves as your spine adjusts and the healing process begins.

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