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We are an advanced, family friendly practice with the best qualities of chiropractic treatment. Our modern practice offers the newest american technology, diagnostic devices and chiropractic techniques

Verschillende technieken

Corrections can safely help you get rid of your complaints completely. Patients often hear a small popping or cracking sound in their back when they are treated with corrections. Do not worry. This occurs when the vertebral joints in your neck and back are stretched. The back joints are surrounded by a fluid with small air bubbles. As the joint tissue is stretched during correction, the joint opens and the shifting air causes the cracking sound.
After corrections, our clients often report a remarkable increase in the movement of their neck and back. Although your muscles may remain sore or stiff, the range of motion in your spine is significantly improved and the pain will decrease.


Diversified Technique is unique since it combines multiple chiropractic techniques that work on both the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. The use of the Diversified Technique involves an adjustment using manual thrusts in portions of your neck and back — and you may hear popping sounds as it gets adjusted. Don’t be alarmed, the sound is created as the joint segments are opened.


Thomson Technique or Thompson Drop Table is often utilized at Chiropractie Oosterheem. Sometimes leg-length inequality indicates otherwise undetected spinal mis alignments.

The Thompson Technique can be an integral part of most patients’ chiropractic regimen. Thompson Technique can be altered to address each patient’s chiropractic needs, which in turn can restore movement and mobility. The first stage, which is called the Leg-Check Analysis and composed of a series of checks designed to fine-tune adjustments for each individual patient — the essential premise being that the body is wholly connected, and that the body’s core (spine, legs, and hips) must be observed as a singular entity.

Matthew Schaer D.C. is een hoog opgeleide chiropractor en een erkend beoefenaar van de Thompson Techniek.


At Chiropractie Oosterheem and Chiropractie Den Haag we often use a special instrument called an Arthrostim to adjust your spine. It is unique because it produces rapid thrusts at a rate of 12 times per second. This creates specific adjustive energy (force) and a barrage of afferent/information that the nervous system can use to modify dysfunctional patterns.

The Arthrostim Adjustor is especially useful on those patients who have brittle bones (osteoporosis) or are experiencing significant pain. Children and others who are apprehensive and who do not care for the “popping” can benefit where a LIGHT AND GENTLE THRUST is indicated.


Cranial Facial Release or CFR is an advanced endo-nasal cranial technique that has been successfully used in the treatment of various neurological and structural disorders for over 30 years in the United States and Canada. We are the first office(s) qualified to offer this advanced technique in Europe! And, Dr, Matthew Schaer is the ONLY Advance Practitioner in Europe!

The objective of CFR technique is to induce mobility in the cranial system, thus facilitating sinus drainage and normal cranial respiratory function. The technique is performed by inserting tiny balloons in the nose (specifically the naso pharynx) then quickly inflating them in order to:

Mobilize the cranial bones (sutures)
Unlock cranial fixations (sutures)
Open Breathing passageways
Correct cranial aberrations
To learn more about this technique please click on the link bellow


Chiropractie Den Haag is the ONLY practice in The Hague to utilizes the Leander Flexion Table. This table combines two biomechanical activities: Distraction (to pull apart) and Flexion (to bend). Some of the Benefits from using this table include: Increase the intervertebral disc height. Traction reduces or eliminates disc protrusions (Hernias). Decreases intra-discal pressure by creating a centripetal force on the protruding disc allowing it to assume a neutral position. The Leander table can help remove subluxation (Segmental dysfunction) of the facet joints and restores physiological motion to this articulation. In addition our clients find it very comfortable especially older and osteoporotic patients.

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Download and print the form. Fill in the form and take it with you on your first visit.

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More information about chiropractic

What is chiropractic?

Over the past hundred years, Chiropractic has grown into a globally accepted medicine with millions of satisfied clients. It is not without reason the fastest growing medical profession in the world.

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What symptoms can we treat?

Every human is unique, therefore all will respond different to chiropractic care.

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Treatment plan

Stretching muscles and ligaments improves blood circulation and quickly activates your nerves as your spine adjusts and the healing process begins.

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What our clients say about us

Our clientele consists for the most part of adults with a range of complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

A.C. de Vries

Patient - Den haag

Hi Matthew, Found you again. I am one of your customers from the time you worked in Hellevoetsluis. I walk in as an old man and after your treatment walk out almost straight again. I have some back problems now, so soon I’ll make an appointment with you as you are my hero, can’t wait 😉 Keep up the good work, hope to see you soon!

Gitta G

Patient - Den haag

My first week (in years) without experiencing any pain definitely calls for a 5* review! Great place, great athmosphere and very friendly, welcoming staff. 100% recommend it! Special shoutout to Albert Dujac (and Matthew, of course) for fixing me
Steve, thank you! good chiropractors that make you feel at home. You will be met with open arms and a smile on their astonished faces. Very pleasant atmosphere in the practice. Recommended!

Franca W

Patient - Den haag

Before I had my treatment at Chiropractic Den Haag, I could hardly walk without pain. The orthopeed told me that only surgery could help me. After the treatment at Chiropractic den Haag, I was able to walk without pain again. I could hardly believe it myself.

Rominanb B

Patient - Den haag

After my two pregnancies, I started having back pain and pelvic pain. Since then Dr Matthew helped me a lot. I really appreciate his work and highly recommend to all postpartum women.

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