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Together with you we plan an intake where we will measure your health from 0. Then we will explain what treatment plan works best for you.

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    Na jaren heel veel pijn te hebben gehad. Na enkele behandelingen alle klachten weg zonder medicatie!!!

    First time visiting us?

    We request that you complete the intake form in advance as completely as possible. Bring it with you on your first visit to Chiropractie Den Haag. It is necessary for the health scan that we perform on your first visit. Following this intake form, your complaints will be discussed and your medical history will be looked at.

    Download and print the form. Fill in the form and take it with you on your first visit.

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    What our clients say about us

    Our clientele consists for the most part of adults with a range of complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

    A.C. de Vries

    Patient - Den haag

    Came for: Backpain

    Hi Matthew, Found you again. I am one of your customers from the time you worked in Hellevoetsluis. I walk in as an old man and after your treatment walk out almost straight again. I have some back problems now, so soon I’ll make an appointment with you as you are my hero, can’t wait 😉 Keep up the good work, hope to see you soon!

    Gitta G

    Patient - Den haag

    Came for: Pain during sport

    My first week (in years) without experiencing any pain definitely calls for a 5* review! Great place, great athmosphere and very friendly, welcoming staff. 100% recommend it! Special shoutout to Albert Dujac (and Matthew, of course) for fixing me

    Franca W

    Patient - Den haag

    Came for: Lower back problems

    Before I had my treatment at Chiropractic Den Haag, I could hardly walk without pain. The orthopeed told me that only surgery could help me. After the treatment at Chiropractic den Haag, I was able to walk without pain again. I could hardly believe it myself.

    Rominanb B

    Patient - Zoetermeer

    Came for: Hand rotation problems

    After my two pregnancies, I started having back pain and pelvic pain. Since then Dr Matthew helped me a lot. I really appreciate his work and highly recommend to all postpartum women.

    In four steps

    Treatment plan

    Everyone has different symptoms that's why we offer personalized treatment plans depending on your needs. Our specialists are here to guide you.

    More information

    1. Intake

    Our initial consultation lasts around 40 minutes. We allow this amount of time to really understand exactly what your concerns are and how it affects your daily life.

    2. Relief

    All of our clients start care because of a discomfort or pain that stops them living their life to the fullest. The adjustment schedule is therefore more frequent in the beginning.

    3. Stabilization

    When you are feeling better we usually see you less frequently. It is important to allow the muscles and ligaments time to adjust to the proper position. Some home exercises may be added for more stabilization.

    4. Maintenance care

    After finishing the stabilization phase, expect long-lasting results. Nevertheless, the demands of the modern lifestyle can be huge for you body and mind. We therefore advise you to follow up on your initial care regularly to maintain your best health.

    We do it together, with passion

    A specialized team ready to help you

    A team of 4 chiropractors with each having a different background, but together we have something in coming. The passion for chiropractic

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